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Education Services 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help secondary and post-secondary youth with diverse needs (12-21) adequately prepare for independent living.

Goal Statement 


Our goal is to help youth with diverse needs develop key academic, financial, entrepreneur, career, life, and social emotional learning skills that will allow them the opportunity to be productive after graduating from high school and college.

Company Background

Certified^Professionals, (C-PROFESSIONALS) was incorporated in 2016 by founder Cornell M. Barbain Ed.S because he was tired of feeling helpless as more and more youths with diverse needs continued to dropout of school at alarming rates. He reached out to friend and mentor NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, and as a result they decided to turn his research study (How Does Secondary Transition Programs Impact At-Risk Youth Dropout Rates) into (4) supplemental alternative education programs and support services.

Research shows the most critical need for youth 13-18 years of age is to develop and obtain college and career readiness skills in order to live independently.

As a result, Certified^Professionals, LLC was created to meet this need by providing alternative education programs, tutoring, mentoring, and counseling services.

Our supplemental education programs and support services are designed to partner with school districts, business groups, and community organizations.

We also pride ourselves in working as parental advocates for our clients because we understand that due to COVID-19 and increasing work obligations some guardians and organizations find it challenging to help youths with both guidance and school assignments.


Our team is equipped with state certified teachers and licensed professionals that have the ability to gather and explain information provided by teachers and school administrators in a manner in which parents and guardians can easily understand.

Frequently Ask Questions

How much money do I need to get started?

There is a $99.99 registration fee requirement for all programs and services. Plus, we offer (3) payment plan options to help make our education programs and services more budget friendly.

Can I get a refund if my child does not complete the program?

Yes. You will be refunded the amount of money you paid minus the $99.99 registration fee along with any associated fees for services that you received before cancellation.

How many years of educational experience does C-PROFESSIONALS have?

All of our staff is certified and equipped with over 25 years of professional experience. We take great pride in hiring "seasoned" ((ten years experience or more) certified professionals that have experience working with students with various academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs.

Does C-PROFESSIONALS provide services for students in alternative schools, juvenile detention centers, and foster care?

Yes. We specialize in working with at-risk youth with specific learning needs, social emotional needs, and behavioral challenges. We work with various youth liaisons and community organizations such as (principals, judges, social workers, probation officers, church groups, police, etc.). We offer supplemental support services (tutoring, mentoring, counseling) that are specifically designed to service at-risk youth ages 12-21.

How long does each Education Program last?

There are (4) courses within each education program. Each course is designed with 9 instructional modules which are self-paced but each learning module can be customized to fit various time frames.

How long does each course last? 

Each course was designed to follow a traditional (9 week) learning cycle but each course can be customized to fit various time frames.

Does C-PROFESSIONALS offer programs and services online?

Yes. We provide services online, at-home, and in various public community locations. We realize that many parents and guardians need various service models and extra support in helping their kids with their school assignments.

Does C-PROFESSIONALS offer transportation services?

No. If appointments are not conducted at home or online, each parent is responsible for making sure that their child is afforded adequate transportation services for each scheduled appointment.

Does C-PROFESSIONALS offer weekend services?

Yes. We are able to provide services 6 days a week. Check our contact page for specific hours of operation.

Can C-PROFESSIONALS work with my child 's teachers at school?

Yes. We will share and collaborate with teachers and school districts any information that the parent(s) determine is necessary or beneficial in helping the student's overall educational process.

Does C-PROFESSIONALS provide summer programs and services?

Yes. All of our education programs and support services can be implemented at anytime throughout the year. We also specialize in providing Before, After, and Saturday school programs and services.

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