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Education Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help primary, secondary and post-secondary youth with diverse academic and behavior needs adequately prepare for independent living.

Goal Statement 


Our goal is dedicated to empowering individuals by nurturing their academic growth, personal development, and emotional well-being through a combination of tutoring, mentoring, and counseling services.

Company Background

Certified Professionals Education Services, (C-PROFESSIONALS) was incorporated in 2016 by founder/CEO Cornell M. Barbain Ed.S because he was tired of feeling helpless as more and more youths with diverse academic and behavior needs continued to dropout of school at alarming rates. He reached out to friend and mentor NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, and as a result they decided to turn his research study (How Does Secondary Transition Programs Impact At-Risk Youth Dropout Rates) into alternative education programs and support services.

Our supplemental education programs and support services are designed to partner with school districts, business groups, and community organizations. We also pride

ourselves in working as parental advocates for our clients because we understand that due to COVID-19 and increasing work obligations some guardians and organizations find it challenging to help youths with both guidance and school assignments. Our team is equipped with state certified teachers and licensed professionals that have the ability to gather and explain information provided by teachers and school administrators in a manner in which parents and guardians can easily understand.


Cornell Michael Barbain Ed.S

Certified Education Specialist

Special Education Support Specialist

Financial Services Consultant

National Insurance Producer

Real Estate Investor

Community Activist

Recommended New Teacher of the Year (LA)

Recommended New Teacher of the Year (TX)

New Teacher of the Quarter (GA)


Cornell was born New Orleans, LA and he's a HBCU graduate of Dillard University. He grew up in the 7th Ward (St. Bernard Housing Projects) less than a mile from his elementary school, middle school, high school and college. He has also lived and taught in several states across the U.S. and is known for being a savvy business professional that's very passionate about helping youths and families become financially literate. Cornell is a "BIG" believer in giving back to the community by hosting annual free financial literacy seminars and workshops for local schools, business groups, and civic organizations.


Cornell is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned educator currently holding several professional licenses, certifications, and degrees. He holds insurance licenses in several states and is a certified education specialist with over 20 years of combined teaching, management, and consulting experience. Shortly after graduating from D.U., he began his teaching career but later relocated to Minneapolis, MN and developed a serious passion for financial education working as a regional director of financial advice for Ameriprise Financial Services. In 2006, after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans he moved back home to take care of his parents but later relocated to Dallas, TX rejoining the teaching profession. In 2017, while serving as an administrator he was able to create and implement several educational programs for students with diverse needs while serving as the Asst. Dean of Students for Harmony Public Schools.

In 2020, he relocated to San Diego, CA to create a financial services business partnership with his childhood friend and mentor Marshall Faulk and World Financial Group. In 2021, he decided to relocate to Houston, TX to be closer to his kids and combine all of his business affiliations together to create Cornell M. Barbain Enterprises. As a result, he was able to incorporate his (education, financial, legal, real estate, and personal care services) businesses under the umbrella of his corporation making sure that seniors, adults, and children are provided the resources to live a better quality of life.

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